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People living with HIV can avail of government support through Public Hospitals in the Philippines. San Lazaro Hospital provides FREE.

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, December 1) — The Department of Health (DOH ) on Friday urged those living with human immunodeficiency.

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Only 33 percent of people living with HIV in the predominantly Catholic Philippines are enrolled in the government's treatment programs due to.

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Starting antiretroviral treatment for HIV. Woman . In some countries, the cost of drugs and your insurance cover may be something you have to.

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HIV treatment here in the Philippines. 1. Antiretroviral medicines (ARV's) are FREE in the Philippines. This is subsidized by the Department of.

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It is available to those registered in HIV treatment hubs. Services said that each ART drug costs from $54 (P2,) to $1, (P59,). In the Philippines, a total of approximately 35, cases have been recorded since.

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The Philippines uses antiretroviral treatment (ART) to treat people "The government will handle most of the costs in association with.