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Gaara uses his sand Tsunami which visually looks amazing to attempt to drown Kimimaro and does his sand coffin jutsu. Kimimaro proves.

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Besides, Gaara doesn't resort or subcumb to Shukaku anymore. All I meant was that Gaara was winning and fighting Kimimaro evenly for the.

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Recently, I started watching Naruto and I absolutely love it thus far. the episode where Rock Lee fights Gaara - and (spoiler if you care) Gaara wins. . Lee was the protagonist, that series would have actually been amazing.

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Lee, wanting help, tries to bypass Gaara and attack Kimimaro. completely exhausted but relieved to have won, Kimimaro appears from one of.

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gaara wins, kimimaro had a illness which maybe took % of his . fighting the samurai with a edo tensi body so thats not impressive at all.

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Part 1 Kakashi vs Healthy Kimimaro? That's a tough one. Kimimaro defeated an out of shape Lee in drunken fist mode and Gaara at full power, which is no.

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Kimimaro and Gaara wins this. #5 Posted by Zabuza waters down Gaara's sand and Kakashi Raikiris Kimi through the skull . As far as I can remember, Kakashi had no impressive Speed/Taijutsu feats that put him on Kimimaro's level.

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You're acting like Kimimaro was some trash ninja by saying he gets one I say all this because I think Kakashi can win and likely would win.

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Rock Lee vs Gaara is an epic battle that showed how gully the ninja world got in Naruto. His bowl haircut, his eyebrows, his cool guy pose, all of these over the forest from his Sand Coffin and showing that he can win a 1 v.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Showdown: Gaara vs. Kimimaro! it has a good message, some humor and the little guy wins February.