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I have an Optiplex GX that seems to be having an issue with the DVD drive. I can read some CDs, but not all. I originally noticed the issue.

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I'm having problems with cd/dvd optical drive unable to read media and need a permanent fix. Most of the time the drive works but the problem.

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Hello! It's my first time here! erm I need some help with my cd/dvd driver. My cd/ dvd drive can read and write some dvds and cds but.

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Mine was called "DVD/CD-ROM drives." Double-click it to show it's contents and there should be another device under it. Mine had an question mark but in some .

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It will work fine for a while then all of a sudden it can't recognize the disks. Says " please insert disk" when you attempt to access it. It spins up as.

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More often than not my CD-rom drive doesn't work. It doesn't matter what CD or if it has worked in the past. The CD rom light flashes, it makes.

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(DVD's and CD's will not play, and the DVD player does not show up at all on the "my if this doesnt work then your DVD drive is probably bad.

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While the issue of CD-ROM not working can be frustrating for the users, it can cause loss of data, disrupt normal work procedure, and so on.

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Hi cmd,. Please follow the link below to the instructions for running the Dell diagnostics on your drive. This will test the drive at the.

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These tips to fix dvd drive errors will also work for a CD or CDR drive. Sometimes these drives get stuck closed and you cannot open them.