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Finding your head voice requires vocal exploration: first learn to speak in head voice, then yawn sigh, and finally sing in it.

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So your chest resonates, in your mouth, your head voice resonates behind your eyes and your belt voice lives half way. This is what we call the.

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The voice has two main registers: chest voice and head voice (also known Your natural belting capacity may also get higher if you seek vocal.

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Practice your vocal strength by doing exercises. Your chest voice is the lower register, and your head voice is the upper.

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You don't want to belt from the throat as that will destroy your voice only tension you want to feel is the pressure at your chest while the head.

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You will hear a lot of pop and rock singers using belt (particularly in the This is a blend of both chest voice and head voice qualities. If you are straining your voice, your throat will tighten making it quite uncomfortable.

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When moving from Belt, up your range, your voice will naturally move into Falsetto. . The falsetto register sits above the modal voice, where head and chest can.