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These are SO easy and really good. The hot sauce gives it an extra kick and cuts the sweetness. They can help with patience while the rest of the grilled feast.

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Coat pineapple wedges in a simple mix of brown sugar and cinnamon and grill them to delicious, juicy perfection for this Brazilian steakhouse favorite.

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Easy Brown Sugar Grilled Pineapple made in a grill pan is the quintessential side dish to any summer dishes you're making and it takes just a.

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Simple and tasty Grilled Pineapple with cinnamon sugar, a delicious accompaniment to Similar Tools Used in Making This Grilled Pineapple.

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Grilled pineapple – it is so simple yet so delicious that it is mind blowing! Most fruits are just too fragile for grilling. Pineapple is an exception and makes for quite .

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You can make delicious, sweet grilled pineapple without ever having to set foot outdoors or light up a grill. Prepare slices or chunks of this nutritious, low-calorie .

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Easy grill pineapple with a great caramelized brown sugar cinnamon glaze. Wonderful for a side dish or combine with vanilla ice cream.

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Prepare a charcoal grill with a single layer of hot coals. When the grill is ready, brush the pineapple wedges lightly with the oil and place them on the grill.