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How to Defeat Alduin. Paarthurnax will aid you in your fight against Alduin and act as a distraction, but you Use “Dragonrend” to bring Alduin to the ground.

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Obviously for the first half of the fight, the Dragonrend shout is crucial to keeping Alduin grounded, and should be reapplied to him the moment.

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I'm now level 50, and on the quest "Alduin's Bane", where you team up with Paarthurnax to defeat Alduin at the Throat of the World. I use Dragonrend to bring .

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I am trying to fight Alduin and use dragonrend but somehow he still won't come down. When he does that, get as close as possible and use dragon rend.

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Then during the entire fight he's just kneels on the ground all submissive like and keeps yelling use Dragonrend. Half the time I hit Alduin with.

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so I just got the Dragon scroll which allows you to go back in time to see the Dragon-Rend shout being used by the nords, and when you get.

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The Dragonborn will then learn all three words of the Dragonrend shout, which will be used to defeat Alduin in a battle afterward. Once the Dragonborn comes.

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New main objective: Defeat Alduin. After the The key to success is using the Dragonrend Shout, allowing you to temporarily bring Alduin to the ground.

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This walkthrough is the final part of a three-part series covering the main . Learn the Dragonrend Shout from the Nord heroes; Defeat Alduin.