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Take a view to your MySQL Database > table cron_schedule. There are all magento created jobs with timestamp of creation, scheduled.

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crontab> jobs entries, reading their cron_expr elements for detail on how often they should be run. Magento then populates the cron schedule table.

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You need to run indexer command to solve this error. From the root of your magento path, php bin/magento indexer:reindex. Check cron is.

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Magento depends on proper cron job configuration for many important system functions, including indexing. Failure to set it up properly means Magento won't.

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The PHP readiness check doesn't display the PHP version as the following figure If your cron job uses a PHP binary different from the web server plug-in, PHP.

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Set up cron for update and upgrade. To enable us to update or upgrade your system, you must have two cron jobs. Each cron job should run every minute.