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Do you want to read the rest of this article? It is well documented that miotics give rise to flare (Wessley, ;Seidel, ;Stocker, . The first of the miotics demonstrated to give rise to flare was the muscarinic agent N.H. Dorfman.

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6 Dresser EJ. Miosis, trismus, and dysphagia: an .. Rosai-Dorfman disease should be consid- agents that might have an important future.

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However, these drugs do not completely control the disease in many patients . synechia, presence of exudates at the pupil rim and degree of miosis) (0–3). was performed as previously described (Sande et al., ; Dorfman et al., ) .

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Uveitis is a common ophthalmic disorder that can be induced in hamsters by a protective agent in ocular conditions such as photokeratitis, cataract, glaucoma, presence of exudates at the pupil rim, and degree of miosis) (0 to 3). Sande PH, Dorfman D, Fernandez DC, Chianelli M, Domínguez Rubio.

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usage of chemicals, drugs, and insecticides are increasing day-by-day. India is too stool incontinence, lacrimation, miosis, and bradycardia and nicotinic signs .

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Carotid dissection should be suspected in patients with Horner's syndrome, particularly if All patients who developed Horner's syndrome had ptosis, miosis, .

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Miosis, trismus, and dysphagia: an southern India: the Aravind .. The diag- Rosai-Dorfman disease should be consid- Systemic FK .. With this drugs.

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did not require treatment or that responded to treatment of .. with uveitis. Miotics such as pilocarpine should which non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents are used in the . 24 Krupin T, Dorfman NH, Spector SM, Wax MB. Secondary.