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Feb 19, If You Liked For Fans of Ferrante: My Brilliant Friend Readalikes. Love the Neapolitan Novels or the HBO show? Check out Chloe's.

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Have you decided to get a new job this year? Kate recommends new titles for job seekers. by Kate ยท BLOG POST / job seekers.

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Which idea came first and how did you build upon it? point of view, it wasn't until the book was published when I saw that it was also about people doing beautiful things in even the ugliest times. Do you duck and cover and try to survive?.

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Aug 9, Yet it also contains stunning natural sanctuaries that make you feel like For this very reason, I thought it would be fun to find books covering.

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Wonder by R.J Palacio makes you do exactly what the book says, it makes you wonder. . I chose this book initially for its beautiful cover art. Although I don't.

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Jan 23, Am I right or wrong? You'll have to read the books to find out! Chicago Public Library Can you judge a book by its cover? Why not! Join me in I love the beautiful hand-drawn look of this cover! Those dark feathers make me think that this one is going to be eerie and brooding, just how I like it. I love the.

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Feb 14, Any thoughts? Any other books you'd like to see get the big screen treatment (or not)? Chicago Public Library Jacket cover images copied to clipboard. General Lots of good and bad books get made into movies, but some never do, like these below. Why? What makes The Beautiful and Damned.