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Bull snakes are nonvenomous constrictors that can be found in pine barrens and Red-tailed hawks mostly hunt mammals—such as voles, mice, wood But they will also eat birds, carrion and snakes—even ones weighing.

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Snake-hunting can be risky for these raptors: Two very widespread North American species, the red-tailed hawk and the Cooper's hawk, have.

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Red-tailed Hawks are known to prey on snakes and they don't Cornell's Birds of North America Online lists snakes as Red-tailed Hawk prey.

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Figure 3. Red-tailed Hawk with prey. In western states, this hawk catches and eats many species of snakes. By J. Schmitt. Enlarge.

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Red-tails are the commonest large soaring hawk (buteo) in eastern North Just as local bats eat their weight in mosquitoes every night, and just as king snakes, .

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Mammals make up the bulk of most Red-tailed Hawk meals. Frequent victims include voles, The hawks also eat birds, including pheasants, bobwhite, starlings, and blackbirds; as well as snakes and carrion. Individual prey items can weigh.

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Red-tailed Hawks are large hawks with typical Buteo proportions: very broad, rounded wings and a short, wide tail. Large females seen from a distance might.