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When Death Comes is the fifth studio album by the Danish technical thrash metal band Artillery. It was released in on Metal Mind Productions. It is their first.

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ARTILLERY lyrics - "When Death Comes" () album, including "Warhead", " Refuse To Live When death comes sneaking up on you [2x] Starting up a fire.

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DEATH Shell. $ Unit Price: Item Number: RK Category: Artillery Shell. Related products. Coming Soon All Up W/Mine: Get stock alert.

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“A hive of Quas, with a queen at the center, a queen producing eggs like a munitions factory produces artillery shells, and every two out of three shells, soldiers.

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In the trenches I'm just another private; cannon fader for the generals. being blown apart by an enemy artillery shell or worse, by friendly fire, or a gut But at least when death comes I'll know the secret the secret of what comes after.

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When Death Comes. 0 At that moment, all fear of death disappears. . A child sits next to a mortar-rocket fin and an unexploded artillery shell.